On Wisdom

Wisdom is never borrowed, and that which is borrowed is never wisdom. Unless you have your own wisdom, your own vision, your own clarity, your own eyes to see, you will not be able to understand the mystery of existence. - “Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic” by Osho

On Acceptance

"Let things settle down by themselves in a natural way. Struggle often comes from not accepting what is present." (Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom)

Soaking up this magical sunlight, the warmth and the love of the universe so I can radiate more light and share it with all living beings around. We are all connected. Take time to explore the inside of your soul. Listen to yourself. Cultivate intuition. Take deep breaths. Get creative. Spread the love 💛🔆

.: On Being Alone & Creating the Self :.


It became a priority of mine to be alone. 

I was with people constantly, floating fluidly from one relationship to the next. I had short lived moments of solitude in between but would roll into a new relationship and readily leave that precious reclusiveness behind. For years, this is how it went. I found myself loving the break up. I saw it as a fresh start, a way to reinvent myself, an open road ahead. I would bask in my freedom, my freshly acquired openness. I would prepare myself to wear pink, dance with my friends and then spend countless nights alone reading, drawing and creating the life I’d always dreamt of…myself.

But soon there would be a boy, and I would lose myself in it, and thus the cycle continued. About a year and a half ago I put an end to that cycle and vowed to give myself all the time I ever needed to grow in all the ways that I had always wanted without any outside opinions, distractions or influences other than those which I chose.

It became one of the greatest years of my life.

I left my day job, began teaching yoga, traveled to South America, moved apartments…twice. I spent my mornings meditating, writing, reading. I spent my afternoons laying in the grass, practicing yoga, meditating, writing, reading. I spent my evenings listening to music, drawing, meditating, writing, reading. I went deep. Deeper than I ever had allowed myself to get before. I dug everything up, spit everything out, sat with my fears, debated with my demons and found the bright white light flickering in front of me when I closed my eyes. I swam in all the magic, the bliss, the vortex of life and I ran after my dreams. 

I ran to the rhythm of my own two feet. I befriended my intuition. I let my heart lead me. I danced in possibility and I danced alone. 

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Strala Summer Favorite Yoga Music

My kind of Friday night: #greenjuice #lavenderoil #yoga #meditation + wisdom by Tara Stiles - “Whatever Feels Good - Do It.” #doingit #ridiculouslyhappy ☺️🙏
Thanks @tony_f for capturing me in the moments of joy 👍👍 #handstand #playtime #yogajournal #yjevents #yoga #strala #stralasd #stralayoga #stralaeverywhere  (at Yoga Journal Conference San Diego)
@tarastiles is awesome! 😍 Photo by @tony_f #stralaeverywhere #stralayoga #tarastiles #stralasd #yogajournal #yjevents  (at Yoga Journal Conference San Diego)
#dinner!! #dowhatfeelsgood Delicious berries. And a plant, not edible 😜
New #read! Prepping for the #stralatraining ✌️✨#intuition ✨#stralareadinglist
My heart is filled with love for our amazing #Strala community! 💛 So much light and love radiating from thousands of beautiful hearts all over the world - so far away but so yet so close. I can’t get enough of the inspiration these beautiful souls share every day - whether it’s #stralasummercamp or #stralaathome practice or #stralaeverywhere on top of a mountain or in the middle of Times Square. We are all connected. So let’s support each other and grow together 🙏💛 #stralasd #yoga #tarastiles
Trust in your strength and ability.
Spotted a tree… Perfect for practicing handstands! #domorewithless #hardthingsmadeeasy #strala #posewhenever #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #stralaeverywhere
This plank was definitely made for yoga pictures, right @happyyogagirl 😜 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #stralaeverywhere #strala #movewithease #domorewithless