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"Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud." - Maya Angelou
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Favorite pose: a wheel! Open up to the world, shine your heart, reach for the sky. It reminds me of being a kid and playing around. ☺️ So much fun! #cloudtank #cloudpants @reebokwomen πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ (at Strala)
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When In New York, Drink Green Juice :) and Coffee!

New York City Eats :)

Recap of Week 4 - History of Yoga with Derek Beres

Our discussion went far beyond just history of yoga. We talked a lot about meditation and how it affects our behavior. Yoga and meditation help us deal with emotions and not to be swept away by them. They allow us to create a greater distance between ourselves and emotions. You see the emotion coming, slowly (like the scene with bullets in “Matrix” :)) and you choose how to act. Most of the time, your choice is one that is more mindful and compassionate.

Another discussion topic that day was nonviolence. In actions, words, and even thoughts. Both towards others and ourselves. We talked about internal nonviolence in a way that we need to treat ourselves nicely to be able to treat others in a good way.

Lots of good stuff! :)


An awkward movement is truly genuine. This is not to say a graceful movement is in genuine, they just come from different places.
An awkward movement comes from a humble place, a curious place, a new place.
It is a movement that maybe your body has never tried before, but today it felt right to…

Week 3 - Inversion Exploration

Going upside down is a lot of fun! You can practice hard things the easy way by staying relaxed, focused and being present. Don’t forget to breathe! :)

There are three important elements of inversions: 1) strong foundation (whether you are on your head, hands or forearms), 2) patience (things rarely happen right away. If they do, awesome! But if not, don’t give up - let go of expectations, but believe in yourself!), and 3) breathing (always important!) :)

Doing yoga helps with inversions. Your core gets stronger which makes going upside down easier. Imagine the movement come from your belly instead of trying to jump into a handstand or headstand. Stay positive and have fun with it! ;)

Anonymous asked: What kind yoga u do and how did you start yoga ?

Hey there!

Both Kim and I were taking classes at a local gym when we just started. It was several years ago and at first was on and off.Β We always liked vinyasa flow as it has more movement. The more we did yoga, the more we realized it is a lifestyle, not a workout. Over time we developed our own practice, although we still enjoy Sunday morning classes in the park. Now I do yoga at home: either with Tara Stiles’ 1-hour videos or on my own with music.

If you are just starting yoga, taking classes is a good option: it’s fun to meet new people and share about your experience. If you can’t take classes, there are lots of good resources in the Internet, including YouTube videos (I still do those too!). Let me know if you would like me to send you some links, I would be happy to! :)

Also, feel free to email us your pictures to if you’d like. We would love to share your story in a featured post. Let’s inspire each other! :)



Week 2 More Photos

Week 2 Photos

Strala Ready-to-Lead Training Week 2

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share some of the amazing things I’ve learned in Strala Ready-to-Lead training and photos of our adventures. So much love and light in this place! People get super happy and feel connected. It’s seriously contagious! :)

Week 2 - Touch and Support

Life lesson - You are perfect!!! The way you are. You already have everything you need. There is no need to push or force anything, there is no need fix anyone or put them into a deeper pose. You know your body better than anyone else, so listen to it, become friends with it. Be gentle, stay soft. Allow any movement that comes naturally. And don’t worry about a thing!

Make your own yoga - your down dog doesn’t need to look like anybody else’s, make it look like yours! You are in charge! When you start to listen to your body, feeling becomes more important than posing. How you look during yoga is not important, how you feel is. Get intuitive with your body, get involved! Have fun with it! :)

Strala Ready-to-Lead Training Week 1

Here’s a quick recap of the first week of Strala Ready-to-Lead training.

Week 1 - Elements of Strala

Strala helps people connect to themselves, to be able to do more things with less effort, to find ease even with hard things. You become more capable. It’s about breathing, feeling and moving how it feels good to move, using your breath to expand and soften. The breath and the movement become oceanic.

Your breath guides your movement, intuitively, takes you a little deeper inward. It starts to carry you along in poses and helps you find your own rhythm. With every inhale you lift and expand, with every exhale you relax and soften. Expand, explore here! Create space - you are a space maker!